Our Story

It was 20 years ago, in an uncertain economic climate, that Libby Cockerham opened her boutique in Jefferson, NC, with the "Real Women" in her mind. She has built her store with the foundations taught from her father, and expanded to incorporate her own skills in the fashion industry. "The Look" that her customers are encouraged to find involves not just their clothing and accessories but the overall comfort with themselves in their everyday lives. Libby and her staff, who are more like family, have built a reputation on telling customers the truth. This has led to customer loyalty. It is truly "Because of You," those loyal customers who wondered in as strangers and left as friends that we have had a successful 20 years.


We're Here ... Because of YOU!
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful! 


Libby Cockerham

Libby is living her dream as the owner of "Libby's." She enjoys helping customers one on one, showing them how to dress for their body type. She also does fashion shows and fashion seminars for her store and other retailers. She is married to Alan and they live in Jefferson. They have 3 children - Angie, Jason, and Brad. She also has 3 grandchildren - Kensey, Jake, and Abby. Playing golf is one her pastimes.